About Me

Here are the Cliff notes:

I grew up in Arcadia, California.

I’ve been singing, playing and writing music since I was about five.

I’ve been performing pretty regularly since I was 12.

I studied music in college for 2 years before deciding I would learn more if I just got in a band and went on the road.

So I quit college and moved to a ski resort to ski for a few years and did nothing in music.

No, it didn’t make sense to me either but it gave me plenty of songwriting material.

Then I came back to LA.

Then I studied music for 2 more years.

Then I went and played in a rock band in Alaska for 3 years.

Then came back to LA.

Then I got a gig singing with the Summer Wind Trio.  With them I got to experience the LA club scene and many 5 star hotels and restaurants … from the kitchen entrance.

A while back I went in the studio and finally recorded an LP of songs I’d written over the years and released it last year.

Currently I perform around the LA area in different bands as well as, of course, playing my own music.

A girl has to make a living!

I continue to write and the new songs are piling up so it will be time to get back in the studio soon.

I’ll let you know.