Thanks for visiting.

Typically I’m one who just looks at the pictures so for anyone who stumbles upon this website and actually reads the posts … here’s a little intro:

I released my record ‘Moments’ last year.  You may notice there are plenty of places to click to purchase, download or follow me some way or another.  Please do so if you are so inclined.

The album is mostly about some guy or another from my past and all the different aspects of love. Because you know, I wanted to be different. People hardly ever write about love and relationships, right?

But I’m married now so… I’m writing a new record and it’s going to be about cleaning house and vegetable soup recipes.
not really…

Anywho … It’s been a very eventful year and I’ll post more about that later but meanwhile have a listen to the record, buy it and please write in and tell me you love it.

And if you don’t love it, please keep your opinion to yourself.

Yes, I just said that out loud.

By the way I’m moving my acoustic piano out of storage and into my house soon.  I’m very excited.

So there’s that…